Why I'm piss? Why? Damn! Ok, i know it's not a good thing to write about bad thing on others. You should confront to the person and tell them what u truly felt. But still, at this point, I can't just go and attack people. But I'm also a normal human being, and as a normal person I have feeling also. So, rite now I'm really2 pissed off. Dude, what the hell r u doing? For the past few days? Not just the past for the whole time? Can't u distinguished which one is more important? U know we need to summit the report as fast as we can rite, but what the hell r u doing? Just read the journal n article from the internet not going to make the report done IF U DON'T WRITE THE REPORT! Duhh? What do u think? R u a leader or something to tell people to type it for U? Hey stupid, u'r work, is u'r work! Don't ask other people to do it for u! We, including me also has other things to do! Yeah, we facebooking, ym, twittering and blogging, but we still manage to do our part of the report! While u? Too many task until make u don't have time to type ur report? TYPE ok, not WRITE! Yang chatting 2 larat plak nk taip tp report malas, suh org lain taip! Pe jadah! Bangang! Marah btol aku! Pedulik lah ape yg org nk komen pasal post neh tp aku mmg tgh angin skang. The reason i'm so angry is, bkn dia x dpt jaw, tp dah ada jaw! Tp malas nak taip! BODO btol laaaa! Taip laa bodo taip jeeeee! X susah pun! Ke ko x install microsoft office lam pc ko? Tp game lucah 2 ade plak ko install! Haaaaaa aku mmg tgh hangin btol! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ni x cte g sal i-fest smua, klo x mmg pnjg lg laaa post neh.

::Down Kejap::

Ok, down kejap jee. Td tgk2 pic kwn2 aku kat Majlis Anugerah Dekan. Mayb ade yg xnak dpt dekan ke ape, tp aku tringin sgt2 nk ade lam dean lister. Skali pun xpe laa. Hrp2 sem ni, aku dpt usaha lebih2 n xtra2 lg supaya dpt msuk jdik one of them. Mesti parent diorg bangga dpt anak cm diorg...

Usaha tangga kejayaan.

::Thx To Everyone::

Msuk hr ni, dah 5 hr aku demam panas. Tp hr ni dah rsa kurg sket. Mayb sbab ubat dr hospital klang 2 ok sket dr ubat klinik. Mayb lebih accurate sbb diorg amek sampel drh n test drh 2 tuk denggi. Nseb aku x kna denggi, just demam panas jee. Tp tu bkn tujuan nk tulis blog ni. Nk ucap terima kasih kat syukri sadri yg tlg drive g hospital klang smlm, bli mknan n hidang plak kan. Sweet gle laa ko syuk. Hik3. Khalid n ayu especially ayu sebb mskkan bubur ngan ikan bilis goreng 2, srious sedap sbab aku mkn smpi hbes, ye laa, home cook slalunya, pd aku laa lg sedap dr bli kat kedai. Ok lew, x lrt nk tulis pjg2, bye2. Nk g mkn ubat.

Korg semua mmg sweet.

::2 Hari Yang Best!::

Nk say Thank You to Syuk, Aimi n Huda , sebab buat jemput aku n kwn2 lain g beraya rmh korg! Mkanan smua best2! Next year buat lee lg yerk. Hihihiihihihihi.

Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi,
Kenyang Perut Suka Hati,

::Aku GELI::

Ok, aku tau lambat aku nk post sal benda neh tp dlu aku relax2 cm blh thn g laa kan tp pas aku tgk vid Max 247 n Gula2, aku dah x blh blah! Dah rmi kot yg kasi komen suh diorg tkar style diorg jgn nk kpop sgt. Lagu mayb blh accept lg tp cra diorg 2 yg x blh nk accept. Pergh, korg g laaa tgk kat youtube tuh. Aku nk kasi link pun x lalu. Korg search je laa max247 cinta 247 n gula gula suka gitu. Korg tgk leee, klo korg tgk x menyumpah lam ati korg mmg laaaa sgt2 baik orgnye @ korg ni buta mata hati o pekak tuli. Sekian, aku nk gtau aku GELI tgk vid diorg n sriously they don't learn from the critics that people gave to them. Satu group prasan rmi org gila2 kan diorg. Sriously, spe laaa yg sanggup jdik peminat lam vid diorg 2. Bp byk laaa yg diorg byr tuk peminat2 fake 2. Bjet cm super junior. Haish apelaa, org dah kutuk2 tu bkn diorg nk amek iktibar, still truskan jgk ngan style gitu. X yah laa kan. N aku tgk vid 2 dah cm gay dah seko2, geli dol! X lalu . N yg 1 group g, semua nk tunjuk peha2 ayam diorg. Pki leggings ketat2, skirt, hot pant(diorg pki trus x hot). Nk seksi2 tp kaki pendek, peha besa, perut belipat. Sriously, x perlu kot korg nk pki gitu. Tgk ana rafali, elok jee. Sedap mata memandang. X perlulah nk imej2 gitu. Fesyen, fesyen gak tp bia laa sedap mta memandang. Sopan sket x slh pun. X rugi pn.

Silap aku jgk nk g tgk update sal diorg.
Igt dah berubah tp hampeh.Kecewa btul.

::I Wonder How It Happen Back Then::

Korg penah ade kwn baik x? Means best friend forever, well it's that what u think at that particular time. Then suddenly they moved and u haven't meet them 4 quiet a long time. Penah? Haaaa aku penah! Actually bkn smua, but sorg 2 jee. But sorg dua 2 laaa yg buat kta wonder what happen to this fellow. How can they've changed while i, thank god, still the same only just getting older and matured a bit. Just a bit ok peeps kang korg yg sekelas ngan aku bahan plak aku kan pas bc statement aku lam blog neh. Haish. Ok, have u ever had this kind of situation? If don't, congrat 2 u! Now, when it happen to me, i've wondered how they've changed? When u thought u knew them well but actually now they've just like strangers and u feel awkward when go out or have a drink with them. Make me just wonder is this the real them and they were just put an act while we were friends back then? Or they've been through few thing which made them, themselves today which they don't shared with me for all this years? Then am I not really their best friend as i thought i were their best friend or it just me thinking that way. The reason i post this blog is i've remembered my little sister ask me, "Bukan dotdotdot 2 kwn baik hang ka masa sekolah rendah dulu? Napa dia camtu laa ni?" and I was " Hermm, xtau laaa" And then I've keep thinking, YES we were buddies! And honestly, at that moment when my sis ask this question, I've realized how far we've fall apart, and the dreams where we grew older together with our owns family and share our happiness together. Just became friends forever. But now to think, it might not going to happen. But there are also friends that are truly i feel will be my best friend forever. I never give up on my friends. I really hope they could be back to it's original maybe not for 100% but 50% is ok. Don't use our friendship to get what u want because that just make me sick to think that we were friends. Hopefully...


that's BEST FRIENDS...

Friendly noted by,

::Do Guy's Have PMS?::

Ok, interesting topic? Yeah, and that is keep floating in my mind. Do guy's have PMS? Ok, physically, NO. Guy's don't period. Ok, that's a fact. But what the hell am I feeling right now? Urghh! What i know is, PMS occurs to women when their have their time of the month. At this point, their emotion might be on and off also with other physical symptoms.

Ok, back to the headline, do guy's have pms? I think emotionally yeah, we do. Why I said that? Because today, right now at this very moment, my emotion is on and off. I could be very happy at one moment and in a zaap, i can be very pissed at almost everything. What the hell is that? Isn't PMS like that? Ok, rite now my emotion is cool right now. An, i have googling about this guy's vs pms.

"Here is information from a study conducted in the UK

Stomach cramps, mood swings and hot flashes. Yes, it's that time of the month again.

But these are symptoms reported by men, not women. New research suggests men suffer from pre-menstrual-style symptoms, in some cases as badly as women. The news is bound to be greeted with snorts of cynicism by most females.

But the study published today shows that the majority of men claim to suffer from a range of symptoms most usually associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Dr Aimee Aubeeluck of the University of Derby, who carried out the study, said: "We asked 50 men and 50 women lots of questions about symptoms normally associated with PMS and we found men actually scored higher than women in everything apart from water retention."

[Male PMS] The men admitted to feeling antisocial and suffering poor concentration; depression; lack of arousal; hot flashes and pain - including stomach cramps, back pain and headaches. The team believes that the reason that men complained more than women may be because of their alleged lack of forbearance when it comes to illness as well as not understanding the effects of hormone imbalance and aging.

Dr Aubeeluck, who is presenting her findings to the British Psychological Society conference today, said there is some evidence to suggest that pain thresholds differ between men and women so it could just be perception of pain.

It could be women experience more pain but don't give it as much attention.

"When you are asking people to rate their experiences it is a little bit subjective." What causes the men's symptoms is, at present, a mystery. They may be triggered by stress but Dr Aubeeluck said the findings were significant enough to warrant further research.

She and colleague Joanne Worsey will now study couples over several months to discover if symptoms are cyclical for both men and women. She said "if men are experiencing big changes in mood, surely that should be addressed."

While some may be coping, others may be wondering why they feel so down. "It's really important for men that if they are suffering they feel they can talk about it and seek treatment."

The suggestion that men suffer from a form of male PMS is bound to divide opinion - as has the theory of the male menopause. Many doctors, including some British specialists, believe middle-aged men experience a sudden fall in testosterone - a hormone responsible for sex drive, sperm production and muscle tone.

However, a American study said that those who complain of hot flashes, excessive sweating, depression and a lack of sex drive are probably suffering the side effects of being overweight, lazy, smoking and drinking too much.

More than 50 per cent of men in their fifties are thought to suffer lethargy, lack of interest in sex, mood swings and even hot flashes, all of which could be caused by a lack of testosterone. Yet in the study, of 1,700 men from Massachusetts, testosterone was found to decline very gradually with age, at about one per cent a year. The team concluded it was their unhealthy lifestyle that caused the unpleasant symptoms."
Sources: http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.4-men.org%2Ftestosterone%2Fpms.html&ei=o1UBRvqlMJTMpwKa2qHfCA&usg=__Txb8BSsfN63ls2xdn2tV90qmgiI=&sig2=6ocBwCE8MrZifkvgpGmabg
Yeah, that's the article. Well, i'm just experiencing the emotional part. Not the stomach cramp and other symptom. Just this freaking emotion that keep changing. Urgh, what should i do? Damn it. Maybe i need to lay down. Hey, if girl were having PMS, and your mood swing, what u girls do? Aaaah, what am i mumbling rite now. It the hormones! Argh, i should stop niw. Bye!

Damn freaking emotion! StarzRebel*


Damn. I'm still freak out a little bit. Damn, sedih smua ade. Hopefully next sem it will change, i will change. Moga betambah rajin laaa aku neh.


::Time 4 A Change, Maybe?::

What's up readers? Hehe. Ok, today I want 2 ask all of u, who knew me, if and only if, u can change 1 thing about me, what did u want to change? Leave a comment yah! I will check later. And i don't mind, just write whatever u want 2 write. Mayb it can help me be a better person in future. Ok? Peace, sy x kan mrh korg komen ape pun, so no worries! :)

Wish to b a better person, :(


Kite, klo x mo disakitkan, kite jgn sakitkan orang! Tahu KARMA? What's goes around comes around! Look at your surrounding, there's other people also ok that lives! Don't think this wolrd only just have you! Please consider other people's feeling. Actually, ko neh sebenarnye GEDIK ko tau x?! Ko sedar x kekadang sikap ko yg cm gini ni memualkan org? Pls laaa weh! SEDAR! Is that so hard to consider other people's feeling beside yours? Heh. MUHASABAH DIRI please...

Aku dah highlight, so pk2 laa sendri.

::Bila Isteri Tua Gersang::

Di suatu malam yang dingin, di dalam sebuah bilik yang sederhana
besar, diatas katil....... sepasang suami isteri yang telah lanjut
usia baru masuk tidur.

Suaminya telah mula mengantuk tapi isterinya terbangkit perasaan
ghairah malam itu....

Si isteri bersuara,
"Dulu-dulu tu..... abang selalu pegang tangan saya bila kita nak tido."

Suaminya dengan separuh sedar, menggenggam tangan isterinya, lepas tu
mula mengantuk

Beberapa ketika lepas tu, si isteri bersuara lagi,

"Kemudian tu.... abang selalu cium saya."

Si suami dengan rasa terganggu, mengangkat kepalanya dan menyentuh
bibirnya ke pipi si

Lepas tu sambung tido balik.

Selepas beberapa saat, si isteri bersuara lagi,

"Kemudian tu.... abang selalu gigit-gigit leher saya......."

Dengan perasaan marah dan geram, si suami melontar selimutnya dan
bangun dari katil

Si isteri bertanya, "Abang nak gi mana tu?"

Dengan marah suaminya menjawab,
"Nak gi amik gigi la ni!!!"

//credit to http://www.doposen.com/

Relax2 minda, kan minggu final exam, stress, so, CHILL!

::1st Time 4 Everything::

Okay, what's 1st time 4 everything? Huh? Hehe. Actually, i want to post something which is fully english. Ok, if u, readers wondering why of all sudden, and is BM is not a good language? Are shame to use BM in your post? Well, if u wondering that kind of question, u got it all wrong. Well, i just wanted to try something new in my blog. Ok, i know it's not the first time i post something in english, but not a fully english-kinda-post actually. More to like a mix-kinda-post where it a mix english n BM. I think is a good thing for me, where i can improve my english much more. But it's not like i'm going to convert my blog to fully english, i still going to use BM for my post but maybe one or two post will be written in english. So, what am I going to write then? Hermmm....

Ok, quick note, this week is the starting week for my final examination. Ok, that's kinda suck! I don't prepare anything for this examination yet. I don't even download the past year question paper. And of course, I don't revise anything yet. Hah, how's that? Suck right, and yet, i still browsing internet but never felt like to download the question paper! Urgh!

Ermm, next, well I sort of irritated with this person. Owh, if you think you're the person, well NO because all i know this person don't do blogging long time ago. Ok, straight to the pint, why is this person updating his/her status like missing someone, or tired or hungry n stuff with the irritated ways? OMG, i'm gonna blow up! Ok, YOU! Please don't b like a girl which i hate to see her updated status! I know how are you at real life, and please don't be like a hell of innocent! Urgh, i just can't stand people which i know how they were at the outside cyber world n then be as innocent as they can be in the cyber world! You fun, and happy and intereting, why change it to an innocent kinda person? Just chill with the way you expressing you status ok. Please don't be too damn innocent. Urgh.

What else? I think that's it! Ok, my first fully english post! If there's any grammar mistake, please ignore t. Hehhe, just kidding. Well, you can correct me if my grammars were wrong. Hey, that's how people learn right? Mistake. Ok, bye now! Assalamualaikum...

The starz just going to shine brightly!

::Mata Aku Kenapa?::

Dem Dem Dem! few hours g muet n still i'm awake! Nak tdo, tp dah telambat! Pesal mata aku mlm neh? Dem! Aku ngantok sial! Aku nkt tdo! Haaa ni mula dah laa ni nk guna pekataan2 kurg baik! Muet, muet, muet. Hadoih... Asal aku ngeluh? Sebab aku dah malas dah! This whole thing like never ended! Owh, i wish a was a kid rite now. X pyh nk pening2 pk semua neh. Main jeee. Skg ni aku tgh besengkang mata tuk tunggu pkul 6, then siap2 tuk ready for muet. What the hell am i doing? Urghh!!!!!!

Ok, this post xde motif langsung! Pfftt, StarzRebel*

::Malu -_-::

Ok, this post is self centered and cerita time aku rse agak down. So, sesape yg cmx leh blah ke ape ke, sile klik tanda X kat tab browser anda @ kat atas blah kanan skali kat windows anda. Senang cte, x yah bca!

Ok, anda still kat sini, so bare with me what am i going to tell eh. Actually, bkn ape, bkn aku x puas ati ngan sesape, just aku x puas ati ngan diri aku sendri. Aku rse few days ni aku byk buat keputusan yg silap n aku rse aku pn buat silly mistakes. Kje aku byk gle, tp aku blik kg n aku x dan nk buat kje 2, so kengkawan grup aku buat. Fine lah, then diorg suh aku buat slide, which iwas aku x dpt buat sbab aku x phm. So, ijat buat. Ok, aku dah rse guilty gle sbab cm contribute pape. Pas2 aku present slide 2, n aku x tau laa it went well or what laa kan. Even, membe aku lak kne bekap aku time lecturer tnya. Skali g aku rse guilty, sorry syafiq. Then, assignment clips, syafiq mintak aku buat interface, convert dr clips ke dos. Aku x dpt nk settlekan jgk, sebb aku looser coding clips. Aku dah segan ngan syafiq neh. Aku dah rse besalah x contribute pape lam team aku. Aduh, pesal aku jdik gini neh? Aku xde laa truk gini time dip, even final system developement hr 2 aku blh jee codingkan sistem 2 sengsorg. Pesal aku jdik gini? Aku kne lebih rjin lg! Ok, aku x nak korg yg bce ni rsa cm aku ni nk mintak simpati, or nk nmpk innocnet o whatever, ni luahan ape yg aku rse skg. Sebab aku rse apa yg aku buat aku x ptut buat. Ok, aku akan try contribute sebanyak yg boleh tuk team, even though korg yg byk buat kje dr aku. So sorry, Syafiq, Izzat, Syukri n Baiti. Sriously.

::Stalk Lecturer!::

Hahahahaha, xde kje! Padahal assignment byk gle! Pesal aku g stalk lecturer aku? Hahahahhaha.(*Eh, aku stalk fb diorg je eh*). Aku stalk 2 org lecturer aku yg ajar aku sem ni. Hihihihi, hopefully diorg xtau aku stalk! TP fb diorg ade yg cm dasat gak laaa cra diorg komen! HUhuhu~~ Yo lah kan, diorg pn cm kta gak kan. Tp cm x expect gak! Kot2 lew, diorg komen pn cam formal jek! N, ade 1 yg aku agaka shock laaa! Ae sorg lecturer aku neh, rpe2nye dah betunang! Aku igt single lgik! Npk cm muda lg, n maybe 4-5 years akan dtg br akan tunang tp tup2, tgk fb dah betunang! Br je betunangnye tu. Ujung thun lpas!(*Hsil dr risikan akuh! Or you can say hsil stalking akuh!*) Andlecturer aku sorg ni, agak gempak gak! Time ngajar cm bese2 je, cm ckp pn antar dgr x dgr. Hahahahaha, spe bdak AI blh agak laa kot! Aku ngan Aimi mmg akan besembang@ tulis2 nota laa msa time dia ngajar(*Sorry sensei! X sengaje*) Korg dah tau? Tau x? Gamba profile pic darth vader kot! Dia siap ade topeng 2. Huish, minat benor ngan Star Wars. Pastu kan, lam otak aku pk 1 jek, alamak! cam nerd jerk lecturer aku neh! (*Sorry en sekali lg!*). Korg tau sbab ape aku pk cm2? Sebab minat Star Wars! (*Hbeh laa aku kne kondem ngan die hard fan star wars pasneh!*). Xde, lam otak aku dah set dah, spe yg minat gle ngan star wars, mmg nerd orgnye. Hahahha tp lecturer aku neh ok kot. Hebat gle! (*Wuhuuu, klo en tebc ni 1 hr nanti, sile laaa btulkan markah final sy nanti, hahahhaha*).

Owh2, pg tdik aku ade test speaking MUET, tp aku nye speaking x bpe best. Blh lak aku present x smpi ua minit! Kelam kabut crik idea nk ckp ape lg! Adoih, x dpt lew ban 5... Ermmm... Sbo je laaa~~~~Btw, awin thx 4 de choclate n 100 plus! Hihihihihi.

Reading, listening and writing sabtu dpan(16 hb 4 2011).
Wish me luck yah everyone!

::Hectic Hectic!::

Whoah, this week gle nye hectic! Damn! Test n MUET. Assignment, proj. presentation semua. Arghhh!!!!!!!!! This weekend blik rmh, then relax, then g program 2, next week, fresh new me lah!


::Filem Jepun Aku?::

Moshi moshi, minasan! O-genki desuka? Ermm.... ermmm.... aku pn x tau nk reply ape klo nk ckp aku sehat je. Haahahhahaha bengong! -_-"

Senarnye, nak cte video Jepun aku dah siap! (*Yeaayyyy!!!^_^*). Jenuh gle nk siapkan skrip, dah laa aku x bpe reti sgt jepun neh! Video ktorg ni ambek msa 2 hr yee nk shoot, then tuk edit this video, xtau bpe lma. Hopefully, laptop aku dpt laa menampung kapasiti memori tuk edit this video (*Laptop aku celeron je eh, n ram 1.5 jeee*). Sem ni, aku buat video ngan Aimi, Ilah n Miza. Awin lak jdik cameraman a.k.a director(blh ke?). Ctenye sal ktorg berempat g piknik n aku lak jemput diorg tuk sambut bday aku. Simple, tp ok laa dr video aku sem lepas! Video sem lepas, agak segan eh aku nk tgk. Mayb pperancangan sem lepas sgt2 x organize n buat video 2 cam video cukup syarat! Mmg x se-fun sem ni! X cye, tnye Ijat. Hahahahahhhaa.

Overall, shooting video ngan diorg mmg best! Silap byk pn xpe, xde laaa mrh2. Hahahaha. Fun laaa. Hrp2 sem dpan kte grup lg? ^_^ heeehheeee. Sem dpan kta buat lg gempak! Nak?! Last sem nye jepun kaannn... Biar dasat gle! Weeeeeee...........

Dgn siapnye vid jepun, maknanya final exam mkin hampir! Study2!
Minsan! Gambatte kudasai! ^_^

::Pening2 Lalat::

Ok, camne nak gtau something that might hurt our friends? Aku ni x reti nk ckp sgt, tp kna gtau tp x tau nk gtau cne. Cne 2? Aiyaaa!

Aku syg kwn2 aku senarnye, wlupn mulut aku cm celaka, StarzRebel*

::What To Do? I'm Bored To Hell!::

Argh, lazy night this night. Bosan lah, xtau nak buat hape? Assignment ade jee, tp pesal malas neh? Owh, skg 10.20 pm, aku ni tgh 2ggu kul 11.00 pm, ade conference laa plak kan, and conference means as conference in yahoo messenger eh, bkn conference yg yeye 2. Tp, tara nak tunggu 2 bukan men laaa bosan aku neh, haih. Oho, btw i've got good news today! ^_^ my sis got her spm's result n she reached her target! Congrat 2 her! I'm so happy! (*Which mean, i've got to buy a present for her lah kan! Hbes cuit aku*)

Next paragraph, ape g nk tulis eh? Aku kebosana n xdo idea nak tulis ape dah neh. Just can't wait to go back to my hometown next two thursday!(*Which is on April the 7th, 2011*) Dah lama kot aku ni x pulang2 ke kampung halaman. Haaah, dlm dok crita2 neh, aku actually nk crik part time kje, but x tau kje hape. Korg(*reader's blog ni*) ade pape idea or kje kosong tuk part time tuk aku x? Aku neh sgt2 laa perlukan kerja to gain extra money. Duit aku dah kehabisan! (*Haaa 2 laa diaa, duk blanja x ingat duina!*). Nak survive lg 3 bln lbih kat sini, tp duit x cukup tuk dua bln pun! Cemane neh? Adoih!

Duit Duit Duit!

::Cerita X Ley Blah!::

Yo readerz! Haha, ok it's been a while, i know since my last post, so agak sugul blog aku neh. Asyik benda lama je kan, act bkn x mo update tp xtau nk cte ape. TP, hr ni aku nk crite sket, ok bkn laa aku nk crite but nak komen sket(*So, tjuk cerita x ley blah 2 npe? Ptut komen tuk crita yg x ley blah laa kan? Ngok!*). Cmni, hr 2 aku ade laa blog walking kat blog yg aku follow, then aku tebaca satu post ni kat blog sorg ni, aku rse korg pun kne bca sbab this story is very interesting on how people couldn't accept who they are or how they are. Sle klik disini tuk mengetahui ape yg aku maksudkan. Haaa aku kasi korg 5 minit tuk bce.






Haaa, dah cukup 5 minit kan? so, pe pendapat korg sal post 2? Klo pada pendapat aku, pesal perempuan 2 blh jdik smpi cm2? Why she have to lie just to get with the guy? I mean, puut sponge and wear mask? Even bdk2 tadika pun boleh determine what's fake and what's not. Aku bkn nk kondem ke ape, tp aku x leh trima what she has done! She's lying! I know how she felt because i'm in her shoes too rite now, single n nobody interested in me because of my look i and i'm not like other guy which has a good looking face and a nice body. I don't have the look that make girls want me, but at least i have a face, i don't have nice body or 6 pack, but i'm healthy. So, why does she must lie about wearing a mask or put sponges around her body? Why she must put others picture instead of her in her tagged account? Why? People will love you not about your appearance, but your own self. I know sound cliche and you heard this so many times, but this is the truth! Klu diorg nak kawan ngan ko just because your beatiful, mean diorg kwn sbab kecantikan semata2 bkn sebab korg ni fun, best lepak ngan korg ke ape. Korg x yah rsau laa sal jodoh ke ape. Igt tpu gitu leh dpt jodoh ke? X kan? So, nak buat ape tipu? Cube bce terjemahan ayat ni.

" Maha Suci Tuhan yang telah menciptakan makhluk-makhluk semuanya berpasangan; sama ada dari yang ditumbuhkan oleh bumi, atau dari diri mereka, ataupun dari apa yang mereka tidak mengetahuinya." - Surah Yasin, ayat 36.

So, insya-Allah korg akan ade jodoh masing2, so x nak tipu2 tuk dptkan cinta@ mencari jodoh. Akan ada org diciptakan untuk membahagiakan korg. Aish, pesal cm emo plak kan entri ni. Haha. Tp just nk ckp, diri korg yg sebenarnya yg kat dlm 2 lebih bernilai dr luaran. Just be yourself ,k?

Mne laaa miss right 4 me?

::Cerita 2 Orang Kawan::

Di sebuah rumah, tinggallah dua orang kawan pada hari ahad di tanpa melakukan apa2. Sedang mereka melayan perasaan masing2, tiba epal(bukan nama sebenar) bertanya kepada khulat(bukan nama sebenar).*Untuk pengetahuan, mereka berdua ni lelaki yee*

Epal : Khulat, klo ko laa kan, ditakdirkan jdik pompuan, ko nak name ape?

Khulat : Klo aku eh? Ermm, mungkin nama Aishah kot.

Epal : Asal Aishah?

Khulat : Entahla, aku rse nma Aishah 2 dah sedap dah. Mungkin sesuai kot ngan aku. Hahahaha.
Klo ko plak? Ko nak nme ape?

Epal : Klo aku? X nak lah aku jdik pompuan! Klo ko nak, ko jdik laa sorang2. Hahahahahahahaha.

Ok, cte ni mmg x klaka klo korg xtau. Tp gle klaka sbab ni kisah benar drik kawan aku yg terkena ngan soklan gini. Hahahahahha, ce try kat membe korg. Kikikikikikikiki.

Ok, this post kinda silly, hahaha


────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __ ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє αʟσηє,
──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧα∂σѡ.
─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ cʀƴ,
─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧσυʟ∂єʀ.
──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α ɧυɢ,
────(♥)████████████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ρɪʟʟσѡ.
──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє ɧαρρƴ,
────────(♥)████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɱɪʟє.
─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α ƒʀɪєη∂,
───────────(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє ɱє.

My heart 2 u...,

::Beli Beg Online::

Yo, penggemar beg sekalian! Aku nak promote sket neh, blog kwn aku yg jual beg secara on9. Okeh, ni mamat 2.....

Okeh2, dah tgk muka membe aku? So, skg tgk few sample product dia. Check2!

Haaaa, nak tgk lg? Klik link ni ye... http://bizcarasaya.blogspot.com/

So, dah klik? Pe lg? Ladies, grab ur purse, atm or cash nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, BELI laaaaa! Hahahahhaha.

Tringin nak niaga on9, tp nk jual hape?

::Dulu Dan Kini::

-Dulu, aku cepat gle tacing, sriusly, klo ade sket jee benda aku cepat terasa n mrajuk ngan kwn2 aku.

+Skang, aku rse skang aku much more stronger tuk cepat2 terasa ni. X seswai dah kot, tua2 ni nak cepat tacing tp klo aku ade tacing 2, maknanya benda 2 mmg aku x leh trima sgt2 laa 2. Hihi.

-Dulu, aku gemuk n pendek! Hehe, ade pic time aku drjh 4, n sgt2 chubby aku neh! Sbab aku time 2 pendek g.

+Skang, ehmm, dah lbh tinggi dr dulu, n xdo laa chubby sgt kan. (*Hik hik hik hik, kna angkat bakul lebih sket!*)

-Dulu, aku g sekolah nek beskal jee, bepanas segala, tu pasal laa kulit aku x se'cahaya' mne kan. Huhuhu, klo tak aku ni mmg putih gle babi lah! Hihihihii.

+Skang, g kelas nek moto. Gle ko, nak g fakulti yg kat atas bukit sana nun nek beskal! Mmg cirit lah aku neh! Tp, bab kulit neh, mmg dah x leh buat hape...(T_T)...

-Dulu, aku ni pemalu orgnya... Srius! Korg yg kenal aku skg mmg x kan caye cmna aku ni pemalu. Aku ni pendiam laa jgk. Seingat aku aku mula ckp lbih sket time drjh 6 kot.

+Skang, xde laaa pemalu sgt. Ceria laa. Hehe, spe yg kenal aku skg tau laa aku ni camne. Smpi kekadang mulut aku neh x reti nk benti. Hahahahhahaha. Alaaa klo aku x becakap, diorg ckp aku hipokrit. Hr 2 aku dah cuba dah becakap ngan sopan gle, betutur ngan baiknyee, tp diorg ckp aku ni belakon? Haruslah kan sebab aku kan pelakon hollywood! Identiti ni cuma tuk penyamaran, senarnya aku laa johnny depp! Hahahaha.

-Dulu, Xde hala tuju n asyik pk seronok jee. Selalu mintak duit ngan bapak aku tanpa rsa besalah pn. Uish... X beknye...

+Skang, Aku dah ada target tuk buat apa n achieve apa lam life aku. N aku skang ni pn klo nk mintak duit ngan bpak aku dah pk2 mcm2 dah. Segan dol!

-Dulu, pemalas.

+Skang, still pemalas g! Hahahahhaha.

-Dulu, suka lagu english jee.

+Skang, suka campur2 dah. Rojak dah haku neh.

-Dulu, Aku x byk kwn. Sbab aku segan nak tegur org. Then org label aku sombong...maybe...

+Skang, friendly sket kot, tp aku dpt label lg dasat! wajah penjenayah! Mcm gengster! Huiii, ganas sgt haaaa. Korg ni, muka sweet cm aku ni mne laaa nk sesuai ngan imej jenayah2 ni. Haish.

Hihihiihihiihii, 2 je laaa aku nak post, korg blh nmpak kan betapa byk laa jgk aku dah berubah. Tp, still aku x lupa asal usul aku ye. Aku masih lg budak Kg Nelayan, Tg Piandang yg msih belum matang n dlm proses tuk menjadi matang. Aku msih lg ingat mak ayah n adik2 aku kat kampung. Aku masih lg orang banjar yg datang kat bandar ni tuk belajar n crik peluang pekerjaan tuk bantu family aku. Aku msih lg seorang kwn yg sma wlupun mulut aku mkin cibai, tp aku still syg kwn2 aku, baik kt kg mahupun kat sini(shah alam) mhupun yg aku knal selama ni. Aku masih lg murid, pelajar cikgu2 aku yg telah byk bantu n mengajar aku smpi aku dpt masuk universiti. Seirus aku cakap, aku x nah ade impian langsung tuk masuk universiti ni sebab klo ikut rekod, aku ni sgt2 xde harapan nk jejak, apetah lg msuk. Aku pn penah dpt nombor 3 pling last dlm klas aku, so ko nak pk ape lg? Universiti? Harapan laa kan. Igt hbis blaja, msuk form 6(klo dpt) then trus kje kilang jee. Tp Alhamdulillah, dpt jgak aku msuk universiti, hbeskan diploma then skang amek degree dlm Intelligent System. Wuhuuu! Cam dah byk jee aku achieve, tp still aku ada byk msa lg tuk achieve much more. Ish, syahdu laa plak. Tringat cemana bapak aku kje kilang truk2, then blik tgh2 mlm sbab amek overtime sbab nak extra money. Aku igt g 1st time aku dpt twrn, bpk aku yg pling happy, lg happy dr aku! Dia yg byk cr duit, mintak bantuan sna sni. Family? mmg x kasi bantuan laa kan. Siap suh aku smbung ke arah yg bkn akademik cm polis lah, askar lah. Nseb family blah mak aku supportive! Wlupun x kasi bantuan duit(*Aku pn tau diorg pun ssh*) tp support 2 dah mmg best dah! Haish, apenye aku lalut neh? Hehe, sory2 touching sket. Oklah, dah byk aku cerita neh. Segan lak tercrita sal ksh idup aku. Babai!

***Pic phone kat atas tu bkn nunjuk, just perbezaan antara aku dulu n skg. Jgn pk aku*** ***belagak lak eh! *_^***

Owh, miss my family so much, 2 yg ter-carried away tuh!


COUPLE? Haa aku yakin korang tau ape makna pekataan couple ni kan dikalangan remaja mahupun golongan dewasa (*Budak2 pun tau, korg xyah laa nak buat innocent x tau couple 2 hape*) Klo ikut e-Kamus version 5.01 aku (*Ni je kamus aku ade,so korg x yah nak argue maksud couple yg aku jumpak lam ni!*), couple bermaksud sepasang atau mempersatukan. Tp bg golongan kita2 ni, couple 2 maksud kta ni dlm relationship. Well, sme kan ngan maksud couple lam e-Kamus version 5.01 bhw, kta adalah sepasang dgn pasangan kita lam 1 hubungan. Perghhh, sush btul nak ngarang ayat belit2 ni!

Ok, aku skang bkn nk cte psl makna pekataan couple ni, tp aku nk cte yg kebnyakan org skang dah rmi yg ade couple. Penting sgt ke couple ni pd peringkat kta sbg student ni?(*Aku narrow kan sket pandangan ni kat batch aku ok*) Sbb rmi yg dah bekapel. So, ni pandangan aku sal kape which ada +ve n -ve.

-Dunia ni terasa indah aje. Kan3? Korg yg kapel mesti rse indah2 segala. Pijak taik pun harum jee baunye kan?(*Erk? taik? euww*).
-Segala2 korg akan rsa lancar jee perjalanan kehidupan ni eventho kat iraq sne, kne bom segala, mesir ngan rusuhan, m'sia ngan banjir nye tp korg ttp dpt dgr kicauan burung yg begitu indah sekali kan? Kan3?
-Terasa disayangi oleh seseorang n korg pula byk ksih syg yg ingin diberi dan akhirnya ade org nak ksih syg korg 2. Kan3?
-N 4 couple yg bek2, korg akan stadi sesame ketika menjelang final. Haaa ni bgus ni, I like!

-Klo korg break, nangis yeye cm ade kematian je. Fail paper @ extend pun korg x kan nanges cmni. Aduhai...
-Korg mungkin akan terkongkong(klo dpt balak/makwe) super duper jelous! Even korg dekat ngan membe korg pun blh mencetuskan perang dingin sedingin antartika.
-Byk hbeh duit! Mostly laki laa kot tp ade jgk pompuan yg byk hbiskan duit tuk balak diorg. Xpe, ni pelaburan msa depan, tp klo aku, ermm, better aku simpan tuk future aku.

Ermm, ade byk lg +ve n -ve ni, cumanya aku dah x tau nak tulis hape. Hehe...

Haaa, ni nak cte sal aku plak. Aku ni msih solo yee, whoop, ni maybe self-centered sket so klo korg nak skip part ni, skip la eh sbab malu laa plak klo korg bce. Aku ni tulis part ni khas tuk Cik Atie n Cik Awin ! Haaa diorg ni sibuk2 sgt nak crikkan couple tuk aku. Haish, nak sgt kan tau kriteria2 org tuk jdik couple aku kan? Haaa ni diaaa aku senaraikan!

1. Mesti pandai nk mulakan conversation, n byk ckp!
2.Selamba jee, x control ayu ke hape ke. Pls, ngan aku ni x yah nk control2. Be urself yee.
3.Klo leh, pndi msk lee. Aku ni kuat mkn ye!
4. Blh accept aku seadanya. Ini semestinyalah!
5. X cepat jeles! Ni penting ok, coz aku ada kwn2 yg aku dah anggap cm my family, like my own sibling, so mayb ktorg ni begaul over sket pd pndngn org, tp ktorg ni dah cm org2 yg haram tuk kahwin sesama sendri, so jgn jeles2 yee.
6. Blh gaul ngan semua org, especially kwn2 aku.
7. Than ngan aku yg kuat kondem ni bak kata Atie.
8. Happy go lucky!
9. Sweet, x perlu lawa ke ape just sweet. Hehe.
10. Ni extra laa, pndi gyakan rambut. Xpe klu betudung pun, tp rambut mesti lwa.

Haaaa korg dua, ni lee kriterianye! Nak sgt crik kan TP, klo korg dpt crik yg cm wanita2 di bwh pun boleh....Ni nmenye Candice Michelle! *Owh, melted!*

Maria Kanellis*Hot2!*

Hihihiihihihi, klo korg dpt laaa crik pompuan cmni tuk aku, owh aku akan igt jasa korg smpi ble2 tau! Siyes ni, kawen kang aku ajak korg jdik pengapit n mkn beradab ngan ktorg. Hihihihihii

Klu laaa dpt...


::Betul Ke?::

Betul ke aku ni x penah puji org? Aku rse penah jee. Awin selalu cakap aku ni susah nak puji org. Btul ke? Nak puji ape klu dah xde benda yg nak dipuji kan? Urmm, aku pun actually mmg xtau sgt nk puji ape or actually aku xtau nk react or ckp ape yg ptutnya dicakap. Aku ckp ape yg ade kat lam otak aku jee. Hehe, so mungkin benar yaa aku ni susah nak puji org. And Atie lak ckp klo aku ni puji oorg pun, mungkin x ikhlas! Tau2 je ko aku xikhlas, mne de klo aku puji 2 ikhlas dr ati aku yg suci lg murni ni. Hahhaahhahahahahhahaha! Ermm, klo cm2, aku nak puji KORANG readers blog aku ni mmg rajin! Yeah! Rajin gunekan intenet! Kikikikikikikikiki. Bye2!

Yah, aku akan cuba puji org seikhlasnya!

::Bila Aku D Kampung::

Whush, ok this post kinda sentimental sket. Hehe, well ye laa kan aku bab2 kengkawan ni sentimental sket. Even thought dah pass 2 week but still i can't let it go. Hehehe homesick laa jgk kan. Ish2, enuff intro yg pjg bejela, nak story bout my friends which I really2 miss a lot ok. Br pisah 2 weeks n I'm still like ilang anak kucing. Really miss them n I'm really2 greatful yg last day cti 2, aku x g kenduri n g kluar ngan diorg. Oke2 aku dah melalut2, actually nk cte xtvt aku time cny hr 2.

1.Owh, mmg best wlupun mayb kat org lain cm tah hape2 xtvt ktorg ni.
2. Ok, Pepagi lg, on saturday 2 ktorg kumpul kat rmh WAN.
3. N cm bese laaa kan aku agak lewat tp aku x selewat syafiq! kekekkek sbab ktorg kne g amek dia kat rmh.
4. Oke, g amek syfiq, then our destination g Kuala Kangsar(KK) tuk g masjid ubudiyah. Well, korg mesti rse cm "Waa bgusnyee g masjid" tp actually bkn g semayang ok sbab time ktorg smpi kat masjid 2 lam 10 lbih. Mne msuk waktu! Nak semayang ape lak kan. Hehe, tujuan nk amek gamba kat situ. Tp klo dah zohor mmg ktorg semayang kat situ. Lgpun, masjid 2 x bukak pun klo x msuk waktu lg. Ni pic kat masjid 2, sile laaa lihat!

****Btw, kat tempat ni, which is sebelah ngan masjid 2 ade surau lma then kwn aku, sue n wan (Bju ijau n biru 2) blhplak ade kenangan seram kan. DIorg dgr bunyik tpk kaki rmi2 then nmpk kelibat putih plak. Haish, agak cuak eh aku time 2. Dah laa si sue ni selalu kerasukan. True story neh! Aku x tpu.

5. Hehe pas ktorg dah best2 berpicca kat masjid 2, ktorg g lak kat muzium kat KK ni( Actually, ni bkan 1st time ktorg jejalan g ke muzium!) Tp ktorg x msuk sbab kne byr rm 4.00 sorg. Hehe, ktorg ni mmg bajet, g tempat yg free je, as long ktorg togather, xpe.
6.Klaka ble igt ble tau2 je kna byr klo nk msuk, trus ktorg x jd msuk.
7. Ok, next destination ktorg g kat paya bakau kat Kuala Sepetang. Best jgk sini, ktorg ni jejalan amek gamba je. Hahahaha. Nak tgk pic? Sle scroll kat bwh ni...

8. Hehe, ni le pic ktorg kat tempat. Klo korg nak tgk lg byk pic, tgk je kat fb aku. Kat lam album Sambutan CNY ---Wan,Aku,Sue,Pit n Yin---.
9. Otw blik dr sini, ktorg dahaga gler n luckily, ade jmpak 1 gerai pakcik ni jual air tebu fresh. Mmg heaven gle laa ble dpt minum air tebu 2! Sedap kot! Hehe, ke sbab ktorg mmg dah dhg sgt2.

10. Huhu, sedap kan tgk air tebu 2...
11. PAs hbis ktorg ronda2 kat kk n kuala sepetang 2, ktorg blik ke pt bntar tuk g karoke. Hehe, ni xtvt wajib ktorg. Hahaha. 3 jam kot karok puas2 siap nyanyi lagu era 70an ngan lgu P. Ramlee lg.
12. End of the day, around 7 lbih cm2 blik lee ktorg ke pangkal jln. Bas aku pun kul 12.00 mlm tuk blik ke Shah Alam, so xde laa blik lwat sgt.

Tu lee cte time cti cny hr 2. Best gle kluar ngan diorg ni! Hhiihihihiihi, aku x sbr2 nk blik kg nk g kluar lg. Huhu~~ Tetibe terasa teringat plak kat diorg ni, wuuu wuuuu...

Aku nk cepat2 cti sem!,


Haa, korg jgn slh sangka @ pk yg plik2! Aku bkn nk jual clorets neh! Aku just nk inform clorets ni teman baik aku time lam kelas. Hehe, ni slh stu benda yg dpt ngelakkan aku dr tdo lam kelas! Oh i lap u clorets! Hihihiihihihi.


Blh laaa aku tumpu peratian lam kelas pasni,

::Update Tuk Blogku Yg Dah Besawang::

Yo! Ermm, pesal tajuk aku cm2? Ermm, sbb mmg blog aku ni dah besawang, lma x ber"update"! Act, aku x tau nk tulis ape je. X cam kekawan aku neh, iday, syuk yg rjin update blog. Aku bkak jee dashboard tgk update dri diorg ni. Tp best, ade jgk bhn tuk aku bca. (*X mcm blog kau kan, x berupdate, bosan gle!*). Cis, aku bkn x mo update tp xtau nak tulis ape. Kekadang jeles jgk aku neh tgk blog diorg, ade je benda diorg nk tulis. Xpe2, so skg aku nk tulis sket tuk buang swg2 lam laman sesawang aku neh, hahahahahhaha.

Ok, hr ni aku nk review lah sal beberapa benda, ok. Tgh hr td aku g laaa fest jepun which the main thing of this fest is to let people know much more about japanese , that's what i thought about this fest which make me really33 wanted to go! But instead, i was disappointed. It was not what i've pictured in my mind.(*Well, yeah i'm not expecting it has to be like bon odori*) Tp x de laa boring sgt. Xde benda sgt pun td, br aku igt nk bli present for my bestie tp xde pape pun. Maybe something cute, (*Yeah, japenese kan byk produce cute2 thing kan*) tp xde kdai pun, just ade karikatur urself, tulis huruf jepun, amek gamba, karok lagu jepun n jualan mkanan jepun. Xde pn booth tuk jual cm bju ke, kimono ke ape ke. So, kinda boring. Ermm, next time i hope this fest is more exciting.

Hehe, sorry yee klo review ni over sgt. Tp itulaaa seikhlas ati aku ni.

Next time, buat lebih baik ya!,

::Update Sket::

Ermm, x tau nak tulis ape.
Update sket je laa eh.
Kang nanti aku cte lg benda2 yg best time aku cuti lu.
Ni nk update condition aku skang :-

1. Dah msuk sem br.
2. Kelas yg pack.
3. Dah pindah rumah, dulu sec 24 skang sec 17. Jemput2 laa dtg. Hehe
4. Byk klas campur, agak pack.
5. Ermm... Ape g? Hrp2 this semester going to be great! Yeah! ;p