::Time 4 A Change, Maybe?::

What's up readers? Hehe. Ok, today I want 2 ask all of u, who knew me, if and only if, u can change 1 thing about me, what did u want to change? Leave a comment yah! I will check later. And i don't mind, just write whatever u want 2 write. Mayb it can help me be a better person in future. Ok? Peace, sy x kan mrh korg komen ape pun, so no worries! :)

Wish to b a better person, :(


FaraLavida said...
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FaraLavida said...

lbih rajen untuk angkat laptop aku. boleh x??haha

Whoda said...

saya nak brit lagi banyak cakap hahahah

Byte said...

nak brit..britney!! hahahaha. brit, be yourself pon dah cukup okay. keep up ur smiles, kindness. cume, dont sleep while in lectures okay!??? hehehe :D

StarzRebel* said...

Fara - HUaaa aku leh tgk ko angkat laptop 2 jeee. Hik2.

Huda - Waa, aku x byk ckp g eh?

Byte - Oooo, thx. Hihihihiihi.
Tp part lecture 2..... Kna minum byk2 kopi laaa krenye. Hhahahhahaa