::When I Was Young & Naive::

Assalamulaikum.. Hi there readers, surfers, bloggers and bla bla bla... How's ur day? Hope going well. *Eh cm tulis kad raya*

Have u ever watch power rangers o ultraman o any other tv show just like that when u were kid? Well i have. Back then I was so into power rangers. At that time, it was mighty morphin power rangers if i'm not mistaken. It was a very cool show (*at that time ok, when i was 5 o 6 i don't recall my age that time*) The show is about 5 teenagers whose been chosen by Zordon and Alpha 5 to become earth protecter from evil sorcerer, Rita. Basically it was good vs evil and yeah, good always win. Despite the cliche plot, i was a huge fan of power rangers. Each of this rangers have their own zord, which is a robot look like dinosaur. It was so cool, and i was so work up. Every time the show went for commercial, the commercial for ban dai product will shown first. It way power rangers and their zord's toy and i really wanted that toys so much. The more cooler is that the zord's toys, can be combined into megazord just like on the series.Damn really wanted that robot so much. Hahaha. 

-Cool Gler! I've alway dreamed to b a ranger!-

Another show that really make me excited is ultraman. It was japan tv series. Ultraman is an alien i guess, and they choose a mortal to be their home body. Btol ke? Huhu. Ultraman will stay in the chosen one and when there are danger, which is when a monster attack the city o any places in japan (specifically coz this monster only appear in japan) the chosen one will raise a device or an amulet to call upon the ultraman spirit in his body and become ultraman. Then he fought the monster and save the day. Yeah still the same module, good vs evil and evil will always loose. And then after the monster died, ultraman will fly away.

U guys must be wondering what's the motif of this post rite? Haha actually saye ni nak komen psal show2 di atas. Okei power rangers, is cool but when the series keep evolving, i just can't stand to just sit and watch without any complain. Mayb because i'm getting older and my way of thinking is not accepting any of ridiculous act they've shown. For example, last year i've downloaded an Ultraman movie, which was ultraman brothers. The part that i can't accept is when the monster become big and powerful and can easily beat all the ultraman till make their light on their chest blinking, which the sign that they don't have much time and in weak condition. Suddenly they join forces and become one ultraman and can beat that monster easily. Ok, if that is the way to beat that monster, why don't they use it at the first place? Why they have to suffer sampai nak mati lah kononnye bru nk begabung? Klaka gle! Hahahhha. motif nk tunggu smpi mati br begabung? X phm btol laah ngan diorg neh, and one more thing, at the end ultraman will fly away to the sky kan, tp bla jd ultraman tu dr manusia, so manusia tu betukar dr bumi. So my question, what is the motif pegi terbang? Sedangkan lepas hbes lwn tu ultraman tu akan jd manusia blik, so knape terbang g angkasa tu? Kenapa? KENAPA? KENAPA????

-X phm aku-

Power rangers yg dulu mmg syok. Seangkatan laaa ngan flash man n mask man. Mmg syok. Tp as the show grows,(for power rangers) da jdik merepek-repek. Yesterday i've watched Power Rangers samurai. The monster is so ridiculous. Ade ke power dia ngan ngate org? Tah cmne creator ni leh pk raksasa kuasa gitu. Ngarut nk mam**s! Hahaahahaha sorry i have to censored any harsh word or carutan. Hahahhaha. Ngan entrance nyee x leh blah. Korg just try watch it laa every saturday, 6.00 pm kt tv2 tu and u will understand what am saying. 

-Try tgk, 6.00 pm every sat tv2-

Even though skang aku cm x leh nk masuk sgt ngan ultraman, tp still aku tgk jgk power rangers samurai tu. (Lol, ape nye ayat beterabur).Msa kecik leh laa lyn and being fooled.Hahahaha tp ble da besa ni mcm2 yg x puas ati klo tgk cte2 gitu. hahaaa. Maybe am being matured a lil bit. Dpt tangkap flaws lam series tu. Hahaha tp kids will love it laa. Diorg x kan pk npe x buat gitu, npe x buat gini. Hahahhaa. Same like me when i was young and naive... Kbye, chill guys! :D

It's okay to be kids once in a while kan? Hehehe