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Rules: It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Fandy
2. A four letter word : Fast
3. A boy’s name : Fred
4. A girl’s name : Fifi
5. An occupation : Foreman
6. A color : Falu red (Lam google ade)
7. Something you’ll wear: Fur
8. A food : Fish cake
9. Something found in the bathroom: Fork (In the bathroom? What for? Hahahha)
10. A place : Florida
11. A reason for being late : Fenin2~~ Hahahaha
12. Something you’d shout : F*ck! Whoops!
13. A movie title : Face of terror
14. Something you drink : Fluid. (What the?) 
15. A musical group : F4
16. An animal : Fireflies
17. A street name : Fraser Street. *I made up, donno whether it exist o not. Lol*
18. A type of car : Ferrari *I love being an F*
19. Title of a song : Friends or foe

Seem simple, but quite hard. Credit to Jill's Tumblr again, hehe


Just for Fun. Copied from a friend. Try it!
What do u like to be called? Fandy

ADMIT a secret about this name? Parents call me that, and friends, but now mostly call me Brit
Do you have a job/ career? Full time CS223 student.

ADMIT a secret about your career: I like the idea of intelligent system but i just hate coding,

Do you love yourself? Sometimes yeah.

ADMIT a physical attribute you LOVE and HATE about youself: I hate my body, my skin color, but still syukur for being me. I love my eyes's color btw hehe.

Do u have any regrets? Yes.

ADMIT one thing you regret doing in the past: I always argue with my parents. The old me ok.

Are u in love? Yes. With someone but I didn't know how to tell that person.

Do u feel any jealousy or envy toward anyone? Yeah.

ADMIT what makes you feel this way? Because they have what i didn't have. So sad T_T
Do you ever feel less than beautiful? All the time.

ADMIT why you feel this way? Because no one want me.

Have you ever been hurt? Yes.

ADMIT who hurt u: Lot, i just didn't know what's goes wrong. I'm being real all the time, but still they rejected me. Too real i guess? Blaarrghh!

Ever pretended to be someone’s friend for your own benefit? Oh no way.

ADMIT the truth about why you did it: I don;t do it. Hihihi

Ever lied to spare someone’s feelings? Many times. Hahaha.

ADMIT the truth about the lie you told : Try to take care of their feelings.

Ever suffered from a broken heart? Yes.

ADMIT who broke your heart and what he/she did: Somebody that i used to know. Hahahahahah

Ever cheated on someone? Nope

ADMIT the truth on why you cheated: No answer. Lol

Ever told anyone you loved them and didn’t mean it? Nope

ADMIT the truth about why you lied? No answer

Ever been in jail? Never.

ADMIT the truth on why you were locked up: None.

Ever steal music? Yes Hehehe

ADMIT what website you steal music from: Mediafire, youtube,4shared.

Do you click ads when on a website? Sometimes

ADMIT what types of ad’s you click on: Sales

Do you watch reality tv? Yes.

ADMIT the most embarassing shows you watch: Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency. I don't know what good did i got from this show. Just sex appeal from the model. Ngeh3

Are you happy in your career? Happy! I have found really good friends here. :)
ADMIT what you know you should be doing with your life: Finish degree, work in IT field for 5 years, open a bakery shop, find a girl to be my wife, have children, perform Haji and lived until i die with my wife n kids. Insya-Allah.

Copied from Jill's Tumblr - The questions only.

::Sebab Cinta Ditolak : Tindakan Anda Salah::


Tgk x gamba kt atas? Ni one of hundreds or maybe thousands of app in Facebook that i tried and yeah, the result kind of true. Even though i know it is a coincident but I kinda flash back about the two events which was quite embarrassing for me and yeah it might be the factors that it didn't work out.

Before I start writing, this is a brief explanation so that u wouldn't get confuse or said 'Dude, what did u wrote? I don;t understand what are you tried to tell'. So, here's a brief explanation. At that time, around 2010 i guess, i was working at software house, where i was the System Support Executive, and I was located at Jasin, Malacca. As i were working there, there's an intern girl there which kinda cute and my colleague 'kenen2' me and that girl. Well, her respond kind a positive. So, I tried few things to win her heart. Hihihihiihihiihi. (I get the advice from my best friend 4eva, Sue.)

1. The 'TEXTING' incident.

Sue said, if you want to be close with the girl, you should text her, frequently. Ask her anything that shows how you care about her. And yeah i keep texting, but she didn't mention that i SHOULD REPLY HER TEXTS until she's the one stop texting. I don't know why, do girls felt offensive if the guys don;t reply their texts? Hmm, give me some thought please, girls.

2. The 'PASU' incident.

It was her birthday, and I don't know what to give her. FYI, Jasin don't have a lot of stores. No offense to Mallacan (I don't know it is a correct word for people from Mallacca), but I can't find a gift shop at Jasin. There were only two supermaket as I remembered. I go to the supermarket, the one that has 2 storey building, and I couldn't find the suitable present. Sue told me to buy a big teddy bear or stuff animal but there's none there that is cute and fluffy, so she told me to buy silver necklace but again i can't find any silver store there. I want to buy chocolate but sue said, it would be nothing for her to remember me so i saw this vase, actually it is a decorative vase that can use as a decoration in her room. It was quite nice i thought at that time and yeah, i bought that. Wrap it up with gift wrapper and put a cute card. At that time, i thought it was cute and it was ok. But as she get the present, the first thing she ask, 'What is it? Is it a pair of shoe?' *She giggles* and I was at that time, 'OMG, i just gave her a vase! And it like zaman2 sekolah punye gift!' I was like stunned there for a moment and a said I should just give her chocolate! Huhu. Hey, girls what u think? Which on u would pick, vase o chocolate?

3. The 'LUNCH' incident.

The lunch incident, this is where i think, the point where i have made the biggest mistake in winning her heart. Ok, at that time, it was lunch break. Me and my colleagues goes for lunch at the cafe, and i saw her sitting at her desk. I ask her " X pegi mkn ke?" She replied " Kejap2 lg kot" And then i leave, then i text her, come and have lunch with me. I wait her outside the office but she didn't reply my text, and i thought she didn't want to go. So, I just go to my colleagues who waited for me at the cafe. While i was eating,let me be clear I WAS EATING, then she arrive at the cafe, while I WAS EATING! And the best part, she came alone. Ok, i don't know if she was embarrassed or not, but I WAS TOTALLY EMBARRASSED toward her. And i guess, u girls might say what a jerk i am, da ajak tp mkn dlu x tunggu. And that time, I realized I'm hopeless in getting a girl. And my bff, Sue said, "Ngokngek laa hg neh! Awat x tunggu? Haarrghhh geram aku ngan hang neh!". Well, yeah I am ngokngek for not waiting for her. Huhu. Sorry, girl if you ever read this. I am truly sorry. Hihihiihihih. It was not my intention, because i thought u don't want to join me because u don't reply my text. Hihihihii.

And yeah, that is my story on how to win a girl's heart and the wrong thing i do. Hahahaha. To think back, it was quite funny though. Hihihiihihihihi. Babai guys n girls. Hihiihihihi

Next time i will be more romantic, hey next person! I'm going to be sweet to you! :D



Huu bce tajuk? Ni bkn nye tajuk yg pervert. Hopefully xde yg misunderstood yee. And aku pn bkn nk cte pms among girls/womens/lady and so on. Tp aku nk cte sal aku neh, tah mende tah. Nk kata aku period kuar darah ape xde. Ok jee lg. Tp xtau npe aku ade mood swing. Bknnya aku pregnant nk ade mood swing. Tp xtau lah npe blh mood swing and it affect my relationship with people around me. Haiyooo, why this happened? Huuu, aku gurau2, bahan org blh jee hepi jee tp kekadang ble org gurau o bahan aku aku leh lak nk sentap, nk hangin ngan org. Aiyaaa, bad behaviour! Aku kne ubah sket aku pnye perangai neh. Kne silent sket, jgn telalu nk hyper happy sgt. Mulut aku kne byk jga2, istighfar lee byk2 ble nk ngate org 2. Mmg ssh, tlis kt lam blog ni senang jee. Tp aku try laa cmne supaya hubungan aku sesama manusia lain akan terjaga dengan lebih baik. Pls3, aku hrp dpt ubah n buang skap2 buruk neh. Mak aku slalu pesan, "Perangai yg buruk2 tu buang laa jauh2, hang tu dah besaq, dah semakin tua yg mna x elok tu buang la." N yes, skg aku teringat blik pesan mak aku, and yeah aku kne start amek yg jernih, buang yg keruh. Kepada sesape yg aku marah 2, sorry bebanyak. Yeah, saying sorry is easy kan. Just say the word, and u think what u have done can be easily forgotten? Hell no! Yeah, i know that. The damaged has been done but what more can i do? I can't rewind back what has happened so, I sincerely saying sorry to those people who i have hurt. Sorry guys, hopefully in future i can restrain myself from doing what i have done to you guys. Sorry~~

Gomenasai, mina-san!