Why I'm piss? Why? Damn! Ok, i know it's not a good thing to write about bad thing on others. You should confront to the person and tell them what u truly felt. But still, at this point, I can't just go and attack people. But I'm also a normal human being, and as a normal person I have feeling also. So, rite now I'm really2 pissed off. Dude, what the hell r u doing? For the past few days? Not just the past for the whole time? Can't u distinguished which one is more important? U know we need to summit the report as fast as we can rite, but what the hell r u doing? Just read the journal n article from the internet not going to make the report done IF U DON'T WRITE THE REPORT! Duhh? What do u think? R u a leader or something to tell people to type it for U? Hey stupid, u'r work, is u'r work! Don't ask other people to do it for u! We, including me also has other things to do! Yeah, we facebooking, ym, twittering and blogging, but we still manage to do our part of the report! While u? Too many task until make u don't have time to type ur report? TYPE ok, not WRITE! Yang chatting 2 larat plak nk taip tp report malas, suh org lain taip! Pe jadah! Bangang! Marah btol aku! Pedulik lah ape yg org nk komen pasal post neh tp aku mmg tgh angin skang. The reason i'm so angry is, bkn dia x dpt jaw, tp dah ada jaw! Tp malas nak taip! BODO btol laaaa! Taip laa bodo taip jeeeee! X susah pun! Ke ko x install microsoft office lam pc ko? Tp game lucah 2 ade plak ko install! Haaaaaa aku mmg tgh hangin btol! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ni x cte g sal i-fest smua, klo x mmg pnjg lg laaa post neh.


Byte said...

woh! emm..okay...
hahaha brit, chill kay..
sabar banyak2..

StarzRebel* said...

Yeah! Chilling la neh!

kaka said...

I AM PISS ALSO~ da tau ada keje dok gi merayau2 lagi kejadah ape?!

org lain pon ade hal gak~ at least kalo "important" sgt pon hal tu, bgtahu la. ingat member ni balaci ke pe buat kan keje dia.

kalo secara otomatik tiba2 namanya "dissappear"... jgn terkejut la ya.

ps- ya! saya emo! n penat. ada masalah?