::I Wonder How It Happen Back Then::

Korg penah ade kwn baik x? Means best friend forever, well it's that what u think at that particular time. Then suddenly they moved and u haven't meet them 4 quiet a long time. Penah? Haaaa aku penah! Actually bkn smua, but sorg 2 jee. But sorg dua 2 laaa yg buat kta wonder what happen to this fellow. How can they've changed while i, thank god, still the same only just getting older and matured a bit. Just a bit ok peeps kang korg yg sekelas ngan aku bahan plak aku kan pas bc statement aku lam blog neh. Haish. Ok, have u ever had this kind of situation? If don't, congrat 2 u! Now, when it happen to me, i've wondered how they've changed? When u thought u knew them well but actually now they've just like strangers and u feel awkward when go out or have a drink with them. Make me just wonder is this the real them and they were just put an act while we were friends back then? Or they've been through few thing which made them, themselves today which they don't shared with me for all this years? Then am I not really their best friend as i thought i were their best friend or it just me thinking that way. The reason i post this blog is i've remembered my little sister ask me, "Bukan dotdotdot 2 kwn baik hang ka masa sekolah rendah dulu? Napa dia camtu laa ni?" and I was " Hermm, xtau laaa" And then I've keep thinking, YES we were buddies! And honestly, at that moment when my sis ask this question, I've realized how far we've fall apart, and the dreams where we grew older together with our owns family and share our happiness together. Just became friends forever. But now to think, it might not going to happen. But there are also friends that are truly i feel will be my best friend forever. I never give up on my friends. I really hope they could be back to it's original maybe not for 100% but 50% is ok. Don't use our friendship to get what u want because that just make me sick to think that we were friends. Hopefully...


that's BEST FRIENDS...

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Byte said...

agree with your last sentence :)

StarzRebel* said...

Oho, yes.
Best friend supposedly be by our side all the way.
Laugh, cry, hardship, happiness n everything kan.