::Times Is The Medicine::

Time heals a broken heart. I don't where i heard this wisdom or word maybe somewhere in a movie i've watched or maybe i've heard it somewhere b4 or maybe it came out from my head. I don't know but it does, time really can heal a broken heart or u want to 4get someone. 4 me, i hope this 2 week (sort of 2 week) leave will make me 4get someone that i like so much. I don't know if i had fall 4 that person but i know we will never b 2gather, so with time, i hope i can 4get that person. I want to vanquish the feeling of loving that person so much so that i won't get in the way of my study. Like it happen few week b4, i can't study easily. I've keep on thinking about that person. I really want that feeling to disappear. I hope after rya leave i can freely do what i want to do without thinking bout that person. Bodo kan aku, nak buang je perasaan 2. Tp aku mmg ptut buang sbb dia mmg bukan untuk aku. Aku mmg pasti tuk 2, sbab x nampak respon papa pn dr dia kan. Just pass by without noticing me. So, aku amek keputusan tuk 4get. Arghhh, asal emo poyo aku ni?

4get me not,

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