::I Should BLAH!::

Yah, i should go. But where 2? Ya Allah, y do u create me? Why am I have 2 live here? Y do I have 2 be here? The world would be better without me. And i also don't have 2 suffer. Apesal hidup aku jdi smpi cmni? Aku ni sungguh menyedihkan. Aku tkut untuk hidup lam dunia ni, because i don't have anyone else. I need a hand 2 hold just 4 me 2 live. But all i can see that i'm just alone in this world without no one noticing my existence. They only see the fake me laughing and talk crappy thing but they don't see the suffer, pain and everything in me. Well, i can b classified 2 be talented in acting because i can fake my self 4 the world 2 see. I'm always scared bout what would people think of me. I'm just stupid enough to feel happy and though that i'm such a happy person to live in this world. And now i keep thinking what worth of myself. Laku ke x. Hermm, aku x faham ngan situasi dan pemikiran aku skang. What am I supposed 2 be. What am i supposed to do.

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