::What If?::

What if? Hermm, tah npe, tbe this question appeared in my head. What if I didn't do degree? What will happen? But act my mind keep thinking, what if i didn't exist? Could this world be a better place to live? Is my current friend be more happier? Because i know i made lots of mistake and i am, not a very good person either. I'm too outspoken, i speak too much, and i know the person whose been "bahan" by me, mmg sah2 dia skit hati. Dats y aku keep thinking, klo aku ni x wujud, rsanya diorg akan jdik lebih happy. Bkan bemaksud aku x syukur, just thinking. Is there anyone really need me in this world? Does anyone keep thinking bout me in this world? Does anyone think i'm not as i am that they see? Hermm, to think my parent should have a better son than me. There's something that the fact, it's hard 4 me 2 change. They should have a better son compared 2 me. My friends also, they should have a better friend than me.....


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