::Phew~~ I Love U!::

Yeah, I LOVE YOU! This love goes 2 someone dearest 2 me! Yah2, u should be glad! Spekah org itu? Of course my soulmate~~(*tp nme x leh sebut bcoz nak menjaga sensitiviti sesetengah pihak*) Well, if YOU ever read this, i'm sure YOU know, it's YOU that i mean. Oho, just want to say thanks 2 everything YOU had done to me. I'm so glad we get to know each other. Because YOU are really my dearest friend ever, and i hope, from the bottom of my heart that we will be like this for another 100 years or 4ever. Sgt2 thankful dpt kenal org mcm kau. If YOU ever had problem, please let me know. Serious, harap2 nanti YOU read this post ok. Because this post is specially dedicated 2 YOU. On9 kang, bukak la post ni. But sorry can't mention your name, because u know rite, what will happen if I mention ur name in this post. Thanks again, seriously from the bottom of my heart.
YOU know YOU make me smile WIDELY like this!

Hope we will remain like this 4ever,


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