::Kiyomi? Apekah?::

Assalamualaikum semua.....

Baru2 ni ade blogger yg aku follow jgk leee which is Puan Maria Elene  pnye blog. Vlog dia pn aku follow jgk. Ni link dia.

Her latest video, about Kiyomi. I watched n listened the kiyomi song. So kinda cute sort of song laaa kiyomi neh. So aku pn browse laaa 4 more videos pasal kiyomi neh. N guess what, byk lak version kiyomi neh. Tp original singer 4 this song tah spe. N the video is super cute. Hiihiihihihihihihi. The video is mostly from uploaded by people n do the cute dance. The dance is simple (i guess?) X pyh move around just using ur hand and some face expression to make it more cutier.

N now every night i must listen or watch this kiyomi video. (Normal ke x neh?) The best part which i think the cutest is at the chorus of the song. Hihihiihihihihihi. Guys n girls, u should try to watch it. But if u don't like it, jgn nk marah aku lak yeee.Oh n hey in so many version of kiyomi i really like this one. She's super cute. Hehe

Kiyomi, kiyomi,

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