::Iron Man::


As requested by Miss   aka Jill, now I'm going to give a bit of my point of view about recently released movie, Iron Man 3. But I'm not an expert, so maybe some o all of my opinion, u guys would disagree. So here it goes... :D

Starting of the movie, well yeah most of action-kinda movie it would be a bit bored and kinda slow. But it is a normal thing as at the beginning they wanted to tell the starting point of a movie. I guess? But this one is ok. 

As the movie grows, the action not too much. At the middle of the movie, it was a bit slow and 4 those who are tired and sleepy, they maybe tend to sleep at this point as my friend blh lak tdo. Hahahha. But you wouldn't felt bored that much as it has sip a bit of humor ina along the way. so, u would be laughing as the movie grows.

The best part of this movie is at the end, where all of the iron man suit came to help stark and his friend to fight mandarin. At this point, you would enjoy it. The CGI is nice, the designed iron man suit is cool. And yeah it is worth watching this movie. Seriously. Hehe. 

So, that is all my point of view. Not an expert, just a view from a person who loves to watch movie. So, Miss Jill, ble nk blanje I tgk skali lg? Hihiihihihihihiih ;P

Btw, I watched this movie in 3D. Hihihi cool right?

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