::Something About Smile::

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone! ~~~ (With a bright smile on my face! :) )

Have u ever been told that u r snobbish? Fierce? and people tend not to talk to you or avoiding make contact with you coz ur not warmth enough?

Well i have, and surprisingly a lot actually. I didn't noticed this as all i knew, I'm a bright person with lots of laughter among my friends. And I think, I'm quite an easy-going kinda person. Back then, that's all i knew and thought the person I am until i went to PLKN n entering Uni.

I admit, at first, really hard to catch same beat with others, and 4 me to blah3 at the 1st meet, really possible if the person is the quite one and dont talk much. With my snobbish face (I'm thankful to Allah coz I'm perfect according to His creation, just to mention b4 people jump into some weird speculation), I dont really click with people much. After a week or two, then I had some friends that i can talk freely. At the end, I can manage to go with their flow and had good time there. 

As I was ending my PLKN, ive got this book where i ask them to write their personal detail n stuff, just that i can contact them after PLKN ended. ( Actually i think i've lost the book. Hehe ;P ) So, few people told me that i should reduced my tense faces. Im like, whaaaaaat? Do I have those kind of expression? They say, my face was intense and looks bout to scold someone very hard. Not really friendly, but as they get to know me, then they realized that Im not the kind of person the thought i would be. Pftt. Same goes with my college phase. Most my classmate, they scared to talk to me. With the face, and extra, i have a scar at my right hand, they thought I'm someone who have involve in a fight or i have join some kind of gang and stuff. Shocking actually to know the truth. 

With all the sign and opinion from my friends, i realize that actually i have a problem with people. I think i should change myself a lil bit. Some friend say I dont have to change because that is who I am, but for me, if the changes is for good reason and can made you a better person, i think we should change. So to make things short, a friend told me that i should smile a lot. When I smile, it took all the intense look, away. And by that, I would like to encourage people to smile. When u smile, the world looks different. U can bright others life u just give them a smile. Hati yang panas juga akan sejuk jika diberi senyuman yang ikhlas. So, keep smiling! :)

Perv smile? Or funny smile? Lol


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